Super Heavy Cut 300 Green Line (SHC300GL)

Super Heavy Cut 300 Green Line (SHC300GL)


Volume: 250ml

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Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 (SHCC 300) GREEN LINE is a VOC-free* ultimate high performance cutting compound for automotive clear coats with maximum cutting effect featuring the latest technology. SHCC300 GREEN LINE removes 1200 grit sanding marks without aggressive solvents.

*“VOC-free” means that the product does not contain volatile organic compounds in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11890-2. Menzerna GREEN LINE products protect health, are gentle on the environment and do not need any hazard symbols.

Cut / Gloss:

10 / 6

  • Extremly high abrasion
  • Extremly fast removal of sanding marks
  • High yield
  • Premium Polishing compounds
  • No dust formation
  • VOC-free in according with DIN EN ISO 11890-2
  • Free from unpleasant solvent odors
  • Easy to handle
  • Silicone free

Polishing tool:


rotary, orbital





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